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I’ve signed my lease. What now?!

Pointe Realty Group - Friday, January 24, 2020
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What’s Next?

So, you’ve applied for the house that you wanted, you got approved and the showing went great! Now all the paperwork has been provided and the lease has been signed, but what now? What are your next steps?  

Utilities? Fees? Renter’s Insurance?

The Pointe Realty Group, Property Management Division works diligently to ensure that your move-in day runs as smooth as possible. As soon as you sign your lease, our office will email you, “Move-In Instructions.” This is a detailed email providing you with a list of items that must be completed prior to your keys being released.  We encourage our new customers to use the email as a check off list.  

For example, if the property that you are renting requires you to connect any utilities, you will need to have all accounts connected and cut on by your move in date.  Our office does require you to provide us with account numbers and proof of connection. We also ask our future tenant(s) to pay their first month’s rent, security deposit and any prorated rent or pet fee(s) if this is applicable to you. 

Additionally, any tenant that secures a rental home through Pointe Realty Group is required to provide our company with renter’s insurance. These are just a few tasks that we check and ensure that you have completed before we move you in to your rental home. 

We are here to help! 

Moving is already stressful enough, here at Pointe Realty Group, we want to ensure that we make this transition as fast, easy and smooth as we can. If you would like to know more about our company or rentals give us a call today.

Office: 434.447.5600

Cell Phone: 434.865.0058

Email: Kim@PointeRealtyGroup.com

#RentwithKim #PointeRealtyGroup #PointeRentals #SouthHillRentals #LakeGastonRentals

#RentwithKim #PointeRealtyGroup #PointeRentals #SouthHillRentals#LakeGastonRentals